Brown Venture Labs Orientation!

Sorry for the hush and hush, this past sunday was Brown VentureLab’s official Orientation, featuring six talented teams (Exesaur, Hearo.fm, Fanium, SquareQuotes, BodyRox, NBA Hoops), great mentors (Charlie Kroll, Max Winograd, Walker Williams) and awesome fun (Slide Karaoke).

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2012 Kairos Summit

The onset of carpal tunnel has made the virtual world harder to access recently. Blog posts, once fluid gushings of my most recent thoughts, has turned into laborous affairs with mental and physical preparation involved. But the value of immortal documentation, for as long as posterous holds, is worth the pain.

Events that happened recently- returned last week from the 2012 Kairos Global Summit, a gathering extravaganza of nearly 600 students and VIP mentors, to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and the fruit of accomplishments of a younger generation. I was honored to work with an incredible team of Brown students and Kairos Exec Fellows (students who have founded Kairos chapters at their respective universities) to create workshops for these attendees, focused on big world problems: Water. Energy Consumption. Waste. Credible Media and Information.  ..the list continues. 

During the three days we were in NYC, we got a chance to visit the United Nations, the New York Stock Exchange and the New York Academy of Medicine. Incredible. 

I also learned a little about networking- and that I should perhaps hold off networking until I have something more substantial to say/want. Meeting awesome people for the sake of meeting people is one thing, but building your own brand and being awesome enough that people will reach out to YOU is another matter entirely. Aim for the latter.