Just finished watching Memento with Jay and his friend. This is what a good movie should do- it should pull you out of your mind, your immediate world, and teach you to look at the world in a different light. To warp your perspective, if you will.

Memories, and the continuity of memory. The sense that I do know who I am, why I am at a certain place in time. Imagine if you don’t- you will be forever frozen in time. You can’t make short term memories. That is crippling. That is damning.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind- or the ability to lie to yourself, in order to make yourself happy. To lose the thread of consciousness is a terrible thing.

Stressed over iGEM, the requirement to fill a website in so many hours. I made the mistake of looking at the other frozen Europe wiki’s. Droves of despair, anxiety. Questioning, whether we can do it.

Yes we can. Let’s do it.


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