Asking for Advice

Great post from Melissa at Sandboxers, about the power of advice to influence us.

The thought is that a lot of what other people say do end up affecting you, either consciously or subconciously. Given that a lot of our decision making is done emotionally, and outside of rational cognitive control, it makes sense that opinion of others can end up shaping what you believe, and what you value, especially touching areas that you dont have a firm stance in yet.

Hence, be careful of who you ask for advice from, that you might actually get it. Ask opinions of people who lead the life that you want to lead, and learn from their examples.

to quote:

Be strategic about who you ask for advice from. It matters. Stick to asking for advice from those who you aspire to grow like in some way, shape or form. Advice from anyone else is noise at best, and unfavorably influential at worst.”


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