Not Sleeping

Partake too much of the midnight oil,

when I looked around the night sky had evaporated like a bad dream

and the world was alive again. Time flies when you are having fun.

Took a co-o-old shower, pretending that I was trying to rub sleep out of my eyes.

Almost works.




Just finished watching Memento with Jay and his friend. This is what a good movie should do- it should pull you out of your mind, your immediate world, and teach you to look at the world in a different light. To warp your perspective, if you will.

Memories, and the continuity of memory. The sense that I do know who I am, why I am at a certain place in time. Imagine if you don’t- you will be forever frozen in time. You can’t make short term memories. That is crippling. That is damning.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind- or the ability to lie to yourself, in order to make yourself happy. To lose the thread of consciousness is a terrible thing.

Stressed over iGEM, the requirement to fill a website in so many hours. I made the mistake of looking at the other frozen Europe wiki’s. Droves of despair, anxiety. Questioning, whether we can do it.

Yes we can. Let’s do it.


Recursion, Electric Fields and Biophysics

The recursion procedure in cs is such a powerful tool. WIth it, you begin to see the divergence of  computational ability of humans from machines. As the prof so rightly explained, the trick to recursion is just to blackbox the entire expansion part (in racket, (procedure (rest list)) or equivalent- and just assume that it works. If it does, then how should you manage it. Try to expand it out for even the most simplest procedure, and its a nightmare.

Thinking about the use of vector calculus in electricity and Magnetism, what is really going on is the summation of a lot of discrete quantities. At the root of a lot of theorems lies the idea of dq, or dV, or dW, the infinitesimal charge, potential or work present. The rest is just a few ways to add them all up- to sum them, essentially, and derive macroscopic scales of things.

But on that note,the difficulty of modeling biology is that biology does not occur in recurring components to be summed up easily. Every change in amino acid leads to a new protein, with different activation energies and surface charges. The trick to modeling biology is in statistics, because with it you are able to extrapolate non-identical behavior into some larger level of order. Hopefully.


-Aside note, the prof for E and M did an interesting demonstration of charging physical objects, using a fast motion to steal electrons from tape to tape, and showing that they attract each other. Then hold them to a giant conducting surface- the windsill, allow electron transfer- voila, they no longer attract. Demonstration that E and M actually pertains to reality. Wonderful lol.


Overworking is the pitfall of the tireless

Came back home exhausted, stupid with a desire to sleep, a vision of the abyss. Lie in bed, unable to fall asleep, crawl back up and talk with Solomon for a while. Ideas of life, of success.

Dinner with Wangwen jun tonight, talking about life. Career faire was at Brown today, throw on a suit and mignle for an hour, shaking hands and smiling, telling people about a possible start-up accelerator at Brown. That’s one way when I am most alive, feel the coursing of energy, with some definable mission, some definable goal. Take the mission away, and collapse, eyes clouding over from sleep derprivation. Enough. Learn to say no.


What is important in life? What matters to me?

I want to change the world. How? Why?

Because I am ambitious? Because I feel like I can make a difference?

Because the world is there, and I am here, and there is no expression of my will to power greater than to leave some lasting imprint on the world.

If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right.
If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right.


Find what you enjoy, do it. Everything else is just filler!

Of vital importance is the ability to “tiao jie xin qing”. Of being able to change one’s mood, through conscious choice.


Overheard on Ignite!

One of the people I met at MakerFaire was a lady who worked at O’Reilly Media. Last night I sat down to follow up on all the contacts, and sent her an email expressing my appreciation of O’Reilly

and the foo (friends of oreilly) camps that they have been doing recently. (It is one of my long term dreams to go attend a sci foo, but first I’ll have to work on earning that priviledge). Anyways, the kind lady replied and suggested a website- http://igniteshow.com/ that is continuing the trend of inspirational videos in bite sized installments- 5 minutes and twenty slides to talk about your passion. 

In the short term, and on the subject of entrepreneuriship is a line I heard listening to  Victor Pardo on Ignite.

“Human factor was what took me even further. .. [My partners] taught me that creating a new business was not just as simple as opening the doors. They also taught me that you need to have people believe in you. People that say “dude you are a role model, lets move on. I’ll going to follow you, and together we are going to help each other.”




Asking for Advice

Great post from Melissa at Sandboxers, about the power of advice to influence us.

The thought is that a lot of what other people say do end up affecting you, either consciously or subconciously. Given that a lot of our decision making is done emotionally, and outside of rational cognitive control, it makes sense that opinion of others can end up shaping what you believe, and what you value, especially touching areas that you dont have a firm stance in yet.

Hence, be careful of who you ask for advice from, that you might actually get it. Ask opinions of people who lead the life that you want to lead, and learn from their examples.

to quote:

Be strategic about who you ask for advice from. It matters. Stick to asking for advice from those who you aspire to grow like in some way, shape or form. Advice from anyone else is noise at best, and unfavorably influential at worst.”