7-2 In which REI has a garage sale and work goes well in the lab



Pic one: cells precipitating calcium. media…not. 


Pic two: A picture of things I bought at REI today. Not shown: receipt for $165 of purchase

Pic three: Organization of Lab work


started this, for lab related notebooking: http://regobricks.posterous.com/

Working alone in the building is actually pretty good for concentrating. To improve efficiency, what we really need to do is get everything in one room. I spent thirty minutes planning the order of experiments, to minimize the amount of walking back and forth between labs, which while very good practice, could have been avoided with just having one large room. Will talk to others to organize something..


6-29 to 7-1 In which we are startled by a Cambrian explosion, visit Google and run with our toes

Going home late at night means that updating is hard. The wireless connection on base is already hard to find (Optimus must be searching up Android Porn up in Hanger 1) but what with half of building 583B in the way between my room and Ames, all my computer can see is google’s faint snicker. 

Things that happened recently: 

Thursday: take a lunchbreak tour of Google with Norman Wang, shepherded by the kind Anand Pattabiraman. This is what Peter Diamandis was talking about in his notion of Abundance. Free food, cooked by gourmet chefs (or so I’d like to believe) just literally flowing out of the windows and doors. Freezers stocked with all kinds of beverages, free for the choosing. Anand says that the first week he was there, he gained ten pounds from eating lunch alone, but then settled down to realize that There Will Always Be More Food.

How many people on this earth can say that? Norman was nonchalant, saying that’s all tech companies are- which just blows my mind. That’s a pretty good work environment right? As much material comfort as you can imagine, and all you have to be responsible for is work. Kind of reminds me of high school- or college, without the distractions. 

Afternoon, went to the NASA Academy social mixer, had a small ball. The road back was gorgeous though, it felt like I was riding towards the sun. 


Friday in the lab was a bubble bursting. Black Friday, as Andre our second residential poet called it (Poet Evan having departed to Salt Lake for independence festivities). The plates on which we performed serial dilutions of what we thought was S. pasteurii turned out to be something far more richer. The plates were covered with unexpected giant white splashes of vibrant life, which we promptly exterminated with bleach. The Gods are not pleased. Which ironically also explains the Ice Age in the 4 C fridge, which magically became -13 overnight and froze all our plates/media. There was great moaning and gnashing of teeth. 

Friday night- Transformers 3. Very beautiful, highly entertaining, not a well thought out story. (A good portion of the plot was driven by LeBeouf’s love interest, rather than the apocalyptic end of the world). As one character says: the kid is a bad news magnet…

Then REI, where I got outfitted with a new pair of Vibram Five Fingers! Who knew returning to more primal settings made you run faster? Makes sense though, human technology has a way of ignoring the appendages that nature imbued us with. The better ones extend them.  Then there was a garage sale at REI today (sat), where I spend about the same as Friday on the shoes buying three bags, climbing shoes, mocassins, a hat, gloves, shirt + jacket. Whew. 



1. Pangea

2. Google bike- scattered everywhere, free to ride


 3-4. Road outside Golf course

5. Shoes. Skins?