7/16-18 In which a trip to Berkely takes longer than expected, and I’ve got a lightening bolt gently seared into the back of my head

Friday + Weekend (7-16-18)

Weekend was not super exciting for once, mostly sat at home learning slowly how to use the Bash terminal of Linux. Made my first

number guessing game! Terribly excited. Last Friday was quite an expedition, as I traveled on two trains and a bus (unidirectional) to Berkeley,

to meet with other iGEM teams. Unfortunately, the trip was more extensive than originally planned, and the teams had disappeared back into the hills when I arrived.

To distract myself of these woes, I met with Patrick Huck of the LBL lab for dinner, and we had a great discussion about the importance of attitudes and outlooks, even in science. Also got my haircut by a friendly barber, and some lines streaked in.

Made the leap, purchased an Android with Alan’s guidance. Unlimited Data plan of 25$ a month; now I have wireless in NEL! Sweeet.Probably what facilitated the sitting-in-room schedule.





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