In which we are reminded of our mortality, and learn how to speak

Cut my finger today cooking, and bled like a stuck pig. Discovered Toastmasters yesterday, and it was great environment. Many guests, and a very structured meeting. Although it was only an hour, so much happened, and there was a time keeper especially designed for making sure people kept within their time.


Of particular interest was a speech was given by a Korean engineer, who talked about the Miracle of Chopsticks. Although he had an accent, and didn’t speak perfect English [grammatically], nevertheless he was very comfortable with himself, even jumping on the table to demonstrate how they sit at dinner in Korea, and how learning to use his left hand allowed him greater areas of freedom. Also how a larger chopstick aperture allowed you to get more food from the communal food dish.


I listened to his speech, and though he was not fluent, I didn’t find find any room in his person to put my uncomfortableness in, and so I was not cringing for him because he was not cringing for himself. It was a very interesting discovery, that you don’t have to give a perfect speech but if you are comfortable with yourself, so will everyone else be.


Life lesson #267: be comfortable when you are speaking, and even if you are not perfect, your listeners will be too.



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